Friday, April 24, 2015

Tomato Time

If you recall, I mentioned that I use tax day as a rule of thumb for starting my tomato plants. I missed by a couple days but last Friday I seeded these to the germination tray. Here are the varieties that I'm planting this year.
Some of the seeds came from Seedman. I purchased these on-line. According to my garden log, back in 2005 I grew First Lady II. I first became acquainted with First Lady tomatoes before the turn of the century. In 1998 according to the log and of course that's when Hillary was our First Lady. So for a while I'd nicknamed them Hillary's tomato. But after 2008 I couldn't find them anymore. Finally this year I found them on-line. So I am growing Michelle's tomato this year.
I seeded them to the tray on 4/17 and on 4/21 they were sprouting.
I will prick them out today to six packs. It's interesting when you find a specific variety that performs well and you really want to keep growing it. Then for some reason it no longer is featured in the seed catalogs or in retail stores. A few years ago you were just out of luck but now with the internet it seems possible to find those lost varieties. In my next post I'll go into that a little deeper. Also in the germination tray is eggplant, basil, and thyme. I may have started the eggplant a little too late. I hope they can catch up.

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