Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Mowing

We got an early taste of Spring in Southeast Minnesota. The lawn mower started on the first pull so I got my mojo on. But the snow-blower still has gas in it, just in case. I planted some elephant ears and lilies last week. Here are the tulips planted last fall and now getting ready to bloom.

I like to plant tulips in the fall, it gives a Minnesotan a reason to survive the winter. I paid $7.99 for those bulbs dammit, I'm gonna live long enough to see them bloom! And speaking of surviving, I think these two plants are Gloriosa Daisies.

These two made it through a Minnesota winter. I planted the daisies a couple of years ago.  I tried Lavatera here but it bloomed and faded early. So about midsummer I went to the greenhouse and bought the root-bound leftover daisies. They just won't give up, they keep coming back. I'm not sure how they'll fare here, this is where the morning glory grows. We'll see which one is more persistent.

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