Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Package!

My seeds have arrived. I wasn't going to make the same mistake as last year. Last year I was fretting over the shipping charges for an envelope of seeds so I tried to find comparable seeds locally. The variety was limited and the quality was just not there. As an example, I purchased some impatiens seeds from Walmart. The package only had about 7 seeds in it! Not to mention the gas costs to drive around and the time factor involved. Also you can really test the patience of your spouse as they wait for you while you seem to browse aimlessly through seed displays at the store. So I went back to Jung and mail ordered my seeds.
 Over the years I've purchased seed starting kits and I've tried to reuse them from year to year. That involved carefully removing the plants from the plastic pack and then storing the packs for the next year. Then as I brought the GrowCenter back on line I was washing and soaking each pack in bleach for a few minutes and then drying them off. Well the packs had gotten kind of ragged so this year I ordered new inserts for a fresh start. I figured if I had to pay $5.95 in shipping for a few seeds then I would get my money's worth and have them ship me the inserts for my planting trays. Each insert was only $1.39. That's pretty reasonable compared to purchasing the complete starter kits. I already had the trays and those have been washed and bleached. So I am ready when it's time to start the seeds.