Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poor Man's Peat Pots

I am trying to start more of my seedlings in containers that will be planted directly into the ground. "Earth Friendly", but also easier to plant. Jiffy Pots are expensive for any type of volume planting. So I have been testing egg cartons as a cheap alternative. Here is a short video on the technique of fabricating your own.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trailing Vinca

Last year my daughter grew Vinca in planters in front of their house. It seems that Vinca are very forgiving of their growing conditions. They stood up well to the heat of the summer and recover from lack of moisture. This year in my catalogs I found a variety called Trailing Vinca (Catharanthus roseus). These are suppose to have a growth habit similar to "Wave Petunias". I've never started vinca from seed so I thought I would take on the challenge.

Trailing Vinca in hanging planter

I hope these will be perfect for her in the planters. The seeds I purchased are mixed colors so we will have to wait and see what colors I have recieved. I seeded them to germination tray on February 18th and they sprouted quickly. Here they are growing in the tray.

These seedlings were pricked out and put in packs on February 26.

Here's the healthy little plants today. They may be a little ahead of schedule since we still have a couple of inches of snow on the ground.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


My brother was in town and for him that means a 2 day plane ride from Australia! His kids live considerably closer so we all got together for dinner. I also provided them with a tour of the Minnesota Grow Center. My how they have grown up nicely and now with growing families of their own.
Speaking of growing, my herbs have been transplanted to bigger pots and I'm harvesting some of them now. I've trimmed basil and cilantro for salads. Fresh herbs are really good this time of year. Tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to get about a foot of snow.

Herbs that need transplanting

Some Basil and Dill

Once your seedlings are in the larger packs you can put them under the long fluorescent lights. Make sure that you keep the light as close as possible to the plants or they can grow spindly.