Monday, May 11, 2015

A Friend in Need

I was talking with a fellow gardener the other day and he commented on a variety of tomato that he grew a few years ago. They were the best, most prolific cherry tomatoes he'd ever grown. Then he commented that he could not find them sold anywhere anymore. He buys his bedding plants, he's not a seed starter. So I told him I'd be glad to start the tomatoes if he could get me the seeds. So these are the tomato seeds he gave me.
As you can see by the title, they're not really politically correct. But what's in a name? I think that a lot of the seeds we buy are the same variety but renamed each year as "New!"
I seeded about half of the packet to the germination tray on April 24th.

The seeds sprouted quickly on April 28th and......
.....on May 2nd I pricked them out to six packs.

 Here they are today, I still need to top dress the packs. I've found that if you prick the seedlings to the pack it's better if each cell is not completely filled. About halfway seems to work the best. Then as the seedlings mature, I add growing medium to each cell to fill it up. Here is an interesting video on the Mexico Midget cherry tomato plant.