Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Allure

Part of the allure of gardening is that you can show off to your friends and neighbors that you might actually be good at something in life. Another incitement is that you share a commonality with other folks who like to garden. You share the common purpose of producing food. When I first started gardening on my own, I did what a lot of others still do. I'd go to the greenhouse and purchase my plants. The trouble I ran into was that I didn't need 6 jalapenos or 6 sweet banana pepper plants. I sure didn't need 6 cherry tomato plants. The other thing I noticed was that the greenhouse plants seemed too far along. Most of the time they were root bound in the pack. Of the 6 plants you purchased, about half were healthy to transplant. So what to do? I have a small garden but I still wanted a variety of plants. Maybe one of each I reasoned. So I began starting my own bedding plants and then splitting them up into groups of pepper and tomato plants. That way I could have the different varieties and could control the stage of growth for my planting zone.
 The other enjoyment of gardening is sharing your labors with others. Here is a care package for a fellow gardener that I'm going to deliver today.
There are 6 assorted varieties of pepper plants in the box. 

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