Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pepper planting

Time to STGT some hot pepper seeds. Here's the pepper germination tray I use.
Then fill it with the seed starter mixture.
Above the tray are the seeds I will start today. First I make a mark with a pencil on the side of the tray.

And another mark on the other side of the tray.

Please note that the seed packet says to sow the seeds 1/4 inch deep.
 So take your measuring stick and make a trench 1/4 inch deep.

Then place the seeds into the trench. I put about 9 seeds in this trench.
Then spray the seeds with water and cover with more soil mix. Now comes the important part. Since there will be several varieties of peppers in this tray, you have to keep track of where each variety is planted. I draw a diagram in my log book that shows where each different pepper is planted.
Just continue this process for the rest of the hot peppers. This is how they are planted for 2011.

The seeds in the tiny ziplock are peperone. They are supposed to be the Greek salad pepper. I have had these seeds for three years now. We will see if they're viable. I  wonder what the smallest ziplock baggie looks like? Water the germination tray. Then into the bottom heater flat it goes. I set the thermostat up to 82 degrees.
Next post - Optimum germination temperatures

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