Sunday, March 13, 2011

More P2P

I packed up 16 New Guinea Impatiens. There may be a couple more I can get out of the germination tray but that was all for now. 16 out of 28 seeds was not too bad.

After putting the seedlings into the packs, I put them under the four foot fluorescent light. The light has to be as close to the seedlings as possible.

Now the key is to keep the soil in the packs moist but not to over water. This requires checking them at least twice a day. I have also found that this power sprayer works great for watering the plants. I feel a little guilty using it because it takes 2 double A batteries. But it saves on hand spraying them.

 I spray the edges of the cells and try not to spray right on the seedlings. This is another critical time when you don't want the seedlings damping-off. Do not over water. I am going to start a fan to keep air circulation constant in the grow center.
I would have to guess that by now you are thinking-

 Can all this really be cost effective. Wouldn't you just be better off to go to the garden center at Walmart on Memorial Day weekend and buy the plants?

Well of course it would, but where's the challenge in that?

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