Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Rule of (green) Thumb

Every growing season I stress the need for record keeping. But after awhile a grower just remembers when to start planting. Or you can relate it to certain dates and develop a rule of thumb for planting. Using that technique, I start my hot peppers on St. Patty's Day.
 So here they are in the germination tray, seeded on 3/17/15. The Peperone are seeds that I've had for 8 years now, I sowed them quite heavy because of that. Also STGT in three rows are Sweet Banana Peppers.
There are 10 seeds in these two rows. I had really good luck with this variety last year. Or should I say, the plants I gave away, those folks had great yields from those plants. Mine not so much.

The peppers sprouted rapidly, within  a couple days of seeding. The heat mat and temperature control probe really aid in germination.
In the foreground of this picture are Rellenos that are also sprouting. This picture was taken on 3/22 so about 5 days for germination. I've since pricked out some of the peppers. They're growing nicely. 
I actually got 10 viable La Bomba Pepper seedlings.
These Sweet Banana peppers look too far along, I hope we have an early outdoor growing season! I seeded to the germination tray my sweet bell peppers on 3/25. They look like they are sprouting today.

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