Sunday, April 7, 2013


Moonsong Deep Orange Hybrid
 Marigolds are easy to grow. In fact they are so easy that they can be direct seeded to the garden in the spring. However, in Minnesota we are now plagued by a new garden pest. EARWIGS ! These nasty bugs eat just about everything. I didn't think anything ate marigolds but these bugs can devour a tender seedling overnight. Given that new gardening challenge you almost have to start the marigolds inside so that they have grown large enough to withstand the loss of some leaves from the hungry earwigs. On St. Patty's day I seeded to the germination tray Moonsong Hybrid Marigolds. They sprouted quickly so five days later I pricked them out and put them in egg cartons. 

Here they are growing in the cartons today. I lost one plant from under watering but I think it will revive. It's important not to over water seedlings but that line between dry and dead is an easy one to cross.

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