Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Guinea

Now a follow up to my April posting of the New Guinea Impatiens. Here's the 2015 post -

The impatiens grew and here are some pictures of the progression.

They are starting to outgrow the 6 packs.

Time to up plant them to bigger containers.

They couldn't wait to get outside, some starting blooming under the lights in the grow center.

Time to put them in the ground.

A few by the garage and under the Elephant Ears.

and finally at the peak of their growth.

The sun conditions in our backyard have changed dramatically. Last fall we had two soft Maple trees removed from the east side of the yard. Therefore, 2015 was the last year for the Orange Bronze Leaf New Guinea Impatiens. I will be propagating a new variety this year along with some harvested seeds. However, the Orange Bronze Leaf performed very well and may return in future years. Along with the New Guinea impatiens I grew some Walmart red impatiens. Here's those in the test garden.
These spread out and formed a nice border.
And the Elephant Ears leafed out!
I've lifted the Elephant Ear tubers and I will try and plant them again in the spring. 

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