Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Halfway Mark

The Dodge County Fair started this week. This event is the halfway mark of our summer in Minnesota. I've been able to harvest some beets and summer squash. Here are my tomato plants showing a few green ones on the vine.

The squash and zucchini are growing nicely.

The variety of these are touted as easy pick. See how they grow straight up on the plant?

This is my bean field with yellow, green, and purple beans. 

A better look at the purple beans that are flowering.

I'll post more information on these beans when they are closer to harvesting. 
The cucumbers are really vining, no fruit yet, just blossoms.

And speaking of vining, my peas are just about ready for eating. These never make it into the house, they are picked and eaten in almost the same motion.

So a lot of things going on in the garden at this halfway mark. We're getting a nice gentle rain today and it looks like the cornfields are beginning to tassel. Soon the days will feel shorter, but for now we enjoy the certainty that it's summer.

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